Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Europe Trip 2013 - Part 2 (London)

We crossed the Irish Sea by ferry and then took a bus from Holyhead to London. After getting to London we walked to our crappy hotel that housed 4 of us in a 5x5 - 1 bed room for some outrageous price. As always we explored the new city and tried out the local watering holes.

The next day we went our separate ways, the girls went on a double-decker bus tour and I went to the Royal Albert Hall. This is an amazing venue which hosts different musical acts and other types of entertainment ranging from tennis games to operas. I first heard of this venue from "The Killers - Live At Royal Albert Hall" DVD which showcased this beautiful venue and even better musical group. After the tour I walked down the street to Hyde Park. The park was huge and surrounded by historical monuments, arches, and statues dedicated to the Royal Family. While walking through the park I noticed tons of people wearing Rolling Stones shirts. I soon found out the Thee Rolling Stones would be playing that evening in the park. I thought to myself - If you have the chance to see/listen the Rolling Stones for free you have to take that opportunity and that is exactly what we did.

The night did not end there. I was told to go check out the legendary nightclub - Ministry of Sound on the other end of town. It was Saturday and I also found out Zedd would be playing there that night. No Brainer. We got to the club around midnight and waited in line for 2 hours. It was well worth the wait. Huge club with 2 floors and multiple rooms. Each room had it's own vibe and awesome DJ to go with it. In the main room we walked into Vicetone warming up the stage for Zedd. The sound system there was something I never have heard before in my life. Chest shaking base with crispy clear vocals. Clubs/Bars back here in the States are nowhere near the level of sound quality Ministry of Sound had. Zedd took the stage and started off his set with a bang, integrating synced visuals to the sound. He soon got on the mic and explained he had plane troubles and had his set hours ago at the Wireless Festival cut short. He asked the crowd if they were ready for a full set and the crowd was more than ready to receive it. Flux Pavillion even made a cameo and played for a bit, rocking the stage with a sick mix of Jay-Z - N***** In Paris. Zedd hinted a few times with the Clarity hook in a few mixes. He finally dropped the mega hit Clarity and there wasn't a single person there not belting out the lyrics. The night ended...I mean the morning ended with a cab ride home past Big Ben and the trip continued to be surreal.

Here are the pictures from Part 2 - London

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