Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jake Miller - Us Against Them Tour - Altar Bar 11-21-13

This was my second time shooting pictures of Jake Miller at the Altar Bar. The first time I had no clue who this kid was but I have been a fan since. Fresh off signing with Warner Brothers this kid has the entire package. He has great stage presence which made me a fan the first time around and was shown tonight through his interaction with the fans. He also is backed by a solid team that excels in their various fields. When you reach this level the artist has to be great but the team surrounding them has to be even better. The show was a packed, sold out house, and the floor was literally shaking to the beat. Big thank you to Jake, Scooter, Joey, JP, Edgar, and the other guys for letting me come through and shoot some pics. Here are some of highlights, enjoy.

- DC

Link to the album

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