Friday, December 6, 2013

The Lost Tapes

Over the past year I have been very fortunate to travel out of Pittsburgh to some awesome states and even across the big pond to some awesome countries. While traveling I took tons of pictures and videos. Some of these I have released but most are sitting in the archives and let me tell you there is some great footage that needs to see the light. I created a YouTube series called the "Lost Tapes", that will be a combination of short "highlight" reels of some spots and others that are mini behind the scenes documentaries. Here is the first one we released today where I traveled to Washington D.C. with @DJPeteyC to check him out playing with D.C.'s own Redbull 3style Champ @DJTrayze. These are a few clips from their nights at Club Eden and Little Miss Whiskey's.

- DC

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