Monday, January 27, 2014

LambJam 2013 Highlights

Since 2010 I have been providing the sound equipment and DJ'ing for the annual LambJam event at Penn State University. This "daylong" event has been going on for years along with a few others who have grown to have quite a following. The all day affairs have become a tradition of PSU despite the difficulty of getting them approved in recent years. Daylong events are suppose to be an all day event that focuses around a musical act, outdoor activities, or various other themes. One thing that we have learned from organizing these events over the years is the lack of rules in place to govern daylongs by the State College police. The only rule we have been told by the officers themselves is that the discretion is completely up to them for when to put an end to these events. While that is totally fine, there needs to be other rules in place to assure a successful daylong. Greek organizations are shelling out thousands of dollars to rent sound systems, fence, logistics, and musical acts only for their events to be shutdown before the acts can perform. This years LambJam lasted about 3 hours before it was shut down by police. The day was still fun and always an event I look forward to doing every year. Unfortunately at the rate it is going I doubt that daylongs will exist in the next few years, until then take a look below at a glimpse into a very cool tradition that is unique to PSU.

- DC

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